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The States of Alderney's has a small agricultural team.  

Employees work within the town maintaining the Town cemetery next to the Museum, Scotts Corner garden, St Anne's Church cemetery, the Island Hall gardens, Albert Corner and the Cenotaph memorial garden keeping these free of weeds, cutting the grass , sweeping leaves and removing litter, waste & faeces.

Outside the town, operatives work to keep the verges clear along the major roads, keep overhanging hedges and vegetation trimmed back on roads and footpaths, keep Longis Cemetery in good order and assist with grave digging, removing fallen branches and removing trees, cutting some of the cliff paths.  Spraying takes place to control bracken, caterpillar, and general weed control on some verges

Major areas of work include mowing the Football Pitch, Braye Common including the Banquage and Braye Station, Harbour Top by the canons, Fire Station & St John's at Crabby, the Terrace, Platte Saline, Tourgis Hill, Judges Pond, the Nunnery, Corblets, Campsite, Hammond Memorial, Sharpes Farm, Braye Hill Broken Bottle Alley, Green Lane, Water Lane, York Hill, and the Butes Playground.

They also carry out pest control:  bees, rats and the brown tail moth as well as emptying the dog bins. 

Agricultural staff are also employed in the abattoir.