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Waste Disposal & Recycling

The Impot is Alderney's facility for waste processing and disposal.

What materials do we deal with at the Impot?

Our first priority is "black bag" household waste as collected by the dustcart. This is loaded into compacting containers for shipment to Mont Cuet Guernsey.

Secondly is bulky household waste delivered by the public, typically furniture and furnishings. This is containerised and also shipped to Guernsey.

After these we deal with all manner of waste including:

  • Builders Construction Waste
  • Builders Inert Waste - soil, stone, clean bricks & blocks
  • Asbestos
  • Cement products (inert only)*
  • Timber
  • General scrap metal
  • Low grade scrap metal - Push bikes, Lawn Mowers etc.
  • Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment - TV's, Computers, Telephones, Printers.
  • White Goods - Cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, microwaves and dishwashers. Washing machines are broken up as there is a mass concrete lump inside them which is inert and therefore needs not be shipped off island for processing.
  • End of Life Vehicles /Car Batteries /Car Tyres
  • Cooking & Engine Oils
  • Paint
  • Household Clearance
  • Glass & Ceramics

*Construction waste which may contain asbestos should be discussed with us in advance of bringing it to the Impot.

Each of the above waste types has its own area at the Impot - we ask people to separate those materials they bring to the Impot and put them in the designated locations. Failure to do so will result in a charge for separation. This is currently set as a minimum £75.00.

What happens to green waste?

From December 2014 for the foreseeable future, any green waste (e.g. hedge & tree cuttings etc.) should be taken to Mannez Quarry instead of the Impot.

Signs at Mannez Quarry will be displayed which will direct you to where the waste should be deposited.

A turning area is being established at the Quarry which is in progress but not yet complete and therefore your co-operation in the meantime is appreciated for vehicular movements in that area.

Please take extra care on the approach road to the Quarry which may have additional traffic.

For any queries relating to this matter, please call the States Works Department on 822408.


Alderney has a recycling centre located at the Glacis where the following items can be recycled:

  • Metal: drinks cans, food tins
  • Paper and cardboard: card, newspapers, phone directories, tissue boxes, egg boxes, junk mail, magazines, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, card, cardboard fruit & vegetable punnets paper, cardboard sleeves.
  • Plastic: carrier bags, drinks bottles, detergent bottles, household cleaner bottles, shampoo bottles, plastic milk bottles, yogurt pots.
  • Glass: glass bottles and jars. Please assist by removing tops and caps from your plastic bottles and jars.
  • Textiles/clothes: clothing/shoes/textiles (clean and reusable please)

Who do we work with?

Channel Seaways Ltd: They ship recyclables to the UK free of charge.
Severnside Recycling: They take all our cardboard, paper & plastics.
Salvation Army: They take all re useable textiles and clothing.