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2006 - The Once and Future King - T.H. White 1906 - 1964

Date of Issue: 16 February 2006.

This year celebrates the centenary of the birth of T.H. White, author and Alderney resident. Through this set of six stamps designed by Nick Watton, Alderney pays homage to the Once and Future King, perhaps the finest testament to the dazzling imagination of this extraordinary writer. The 29p stamp depicts King Arthur. He has just pulled Excalibur from the stone and the full magnitude of the act has not yet fully dawned on him, that he is King. Merlyn, the wizard who lives through time backwards, is shown on the 34p value, already knowing the boy` destiny, he teaches Arthur what it means to be a good king. The third stamp, the 38p features Morgause, Arthur` half-sister. The 42p depicts Guenever, Arthur` radiant queen. The 47p show Lancelot staring from his visor. The sixth and final stamp, the 68p, portrays Mordred, the offspring of Arthur and Morgause. It sis T.H. White` gravestone sums up this fiercely private and reclusive but brilliant and witty man. His inscription describes him as author who, from a troubled heart, delighted others, loving and praising life.

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