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PR And Marketing Annual Report 2009

Mission Statement

"To market the island as a tourist destination, as well as business, e-commerce and investment. To efficiently achieve this within the remit of the allocated budget, using the most cost-effective marketing tools, such as, press relations, namely press visits, editorial, advertising, advertorial, event supports, exhibitions, brochures, posters, e-mail marketing and website."

PR & Marketing Strategy 2009

The campaign continued to be specifically targeted to the niche markets, these being the special interests such as Wildlife, Walking, Angling, Sailing, Golf and Aviation. The over 50's and couples with a high disposable income, no children, or children who have left home, and young affluent families, were included, with Alderney being marketed as a safe, relaxing and peaceful destination. The key geographical areas being Jersey, Guernsey, France and UK, specifically the South of England, Cornwall, Wales and the Home Counties.


The tourism budget was held at £114,000.

2009 Tourist Figures

Inevitably the current economic climate has affected tourist numbers during 2009 resulting in a general downturn in the number of passengers carried by the airlines to the island of 3%.

Malcolm Coupar from Aurigny said "2009 proved a very challenging year for airlines, and whilst Aurigny's performance on Alderney routes was slightly ahead of forecast thanks primarily to Blue Islands unexpectedly withdrawing from the Bournemouth route, it was still poor in financial terms. In overall terms for Alderney, a contraction of just 3% in its' air markets in 2009 was a good result, and Aurigny is pleased to have increased its' share of these markets to 80%."

However, the number of visiting private aircraft and their crew increased by 9% and 13% respectively, which is really encouraging.

Keith Webster, Alderney Airport Manager said "The overall annual figures show a 9% improvement in private aircraft arrivals over 2009. Given the financial downturn, that has to be something to be proud of."

At the harbour the number of ferry sailings decreased by 4 (some were cancelled due to weather) and the number of passengers were down by 641 (15%). The number of yacht nights spent on the island increased by 6% as did the number of crew.

The Alderney Harbour Office said "Despite the economic downturn we have seen a 6% increase in both the number of visiting yachts and their crew for 2009. These increases are a reflection of favourable weather conditions, a targeted marketing campaign, the encouraging pound / euro exchange rate and the service provided by Alderney harbour including a much improved Mainbrayce water taxi service for all visiting leisure vessels. I am aware that when compared with the number of yachts visiting French ports within the locality we have achieved good figures for 2009. Although the ferry passenger numbers have decreased by 15%, and the sailings by 4, as some were cancelled due to weather, in 2008 Manche Iles Express carried 123 passengers per sailing and in 2009, 118, so this is only a reduction of 5 passengers per sailing".

Overall the season fared well despite the current global economic situation.