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Five New Members for the States of Alderney

Alderney residents battled with the snow today to turn up and vote for the 12 proposed candidates. Seventy percent (890) of the Alderney electorate (1,269) voted at the States of Alderney Election today, Saturday, the 27th November 2010.

The election was held to vote for 5 new states members to replace the members whose term finishes at the end of the year; Richard Willmott, Colin Williams, Ian Tugby, Tony Llewellyn and Liz Bennett who stepped down earlier this year.

Of the 12 candidates that stood for election the following 5 were successful, in order of the number of votes received Matt Birmingham 654, Ian Tugby 502, Paul Arditti 501, Raymond Berry 450 and Tony Llewellyn with 388.

Roy Burke, CE of the States of Alderney said "It has been most exciting, to see democracy in action was remarkable. I have a great team working around me who have organised everything very professionally which meant that all went very smoothly".

Matt Birmingham said "I would like to say thank you to my proposer Jane Wright, my seconder Rob Hammond and to the people of Alderney for putting their trust in me".

Paul Arditti said "In a fortnight there is another election, if elected I would like to go to Guernsey as an Alderney representative. I don't think we should moan, whinge or plead, I would like to go there to do business on behalf of Alderney and with Guernsey".

Raymond Berry said "The States of Alderney need to enter into a continuing dialogue with the people and businesses of Alderney, if we are to encourage the entry to Alderney of "New Money" then we need to work together towards a viable future".

Mr Llewellyn said "I am absolutely delighted with the strong support and very thankful to my voters for re-electing me as an Alderney States Member."