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Debt recovery

Small Claims (Limit £10,000)

If you wish to take action to recover a debt up to the amount of £10,000, you are required to send a letter to the person owing the debt requesting payment or court action will follow.  You must allow at least seven days to elapse before requesting a summons be issued.

If you have not received payment after 7 days, you may write to the Court Office to request that a summons be issued, enclosing a copy of the "7 day letter" that you have written to the debtor, with a payment of £50 for the service of a summons.  The letter and payment need to be received by the Court Office at least a week before the date that you wish to attend Court.

Further details on the small claims procedure are provided below for the party seeking to recover the debt in the "notice to the plaintiff" and for the party receiving the summons in "notice to the defendant" whilst the "civil court - fees notice" gives more detail on the costs involved for both parties.

Claims of over £10,000

To recover a larger sum of money, you are advised to contact an Advocate for advice and to draw up the Summons for you to ensure that it meets legal requirements.  A date will be set for Court and an Officer of the Court will deliver the Summons. A sliding scale of fees applies according to the sum you are seeking to recover.