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Press Release - Strategic Aims 2015-2016

Press Release from the Policy and Finance Committee. For immediate release: 11th November 2014

States of Alderney Strategic Aims for 2015-16

The Policy & Finance Committee of the States of Alderney has recently reviewed its strategic plans for the island. Members agreed upon a one page summary of current priorities and highlighted a number of projects they wish to deliver on over the next 2 years.

Francis Simonet, the Chairman of the Committee, said

"I am pleased that we have been able to agree on our current priorities and that we have already started work on them. Economic growth is vital to Alderney - that's why it is front and centre in the work of the States. A flourishing economy relies upon good transportation and communication links - that's why we are concentrating our efforts on these right now. We are both clear on the tasks we need to take on and united in our collective commitment to the people of Alderney."




The members of the Policy & Finance Committee are:

Francis Simonet (Chairman)

Raymond Berry

Matt Birmingham

Neil Harvey

Louis Jean

Robert McDowall (Deputy Chairman)

Norma Paris

Steve Roberts

Chris Rowley

Ian Tugby