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Press Release - Alderney Marina Proposal

Press Release from the Policy and Finance Committee. For immediate release: 12th November 2014

Alderney Marine Proposal

The Policy & Finance Committee of the States of Alderney has considered a proposal from Alderney Developments Ltd (ADL) to conduct a detailed feasibility study into the development of a Marina in the Harbour area. The Committee has instructed officials to begin negotiations with ADL with a view to achieving a draft 'exclusivity agreement' between the two parties by March 2015. Such an agreement would give ADL a set period of time to establish whether their proposals are feasible and provide detailed plans for the development.

Committee Chairman, Francis Simonet said, "I am pleased that this proposal has been brought to the States.  All States Members are agreed that a marina development could make a huge contribution to the economic life of Alderney. However, it is essential that a detailed analysis is carried out to prove once and for all that it can be done. It is particularly helpful to the taxpayers of the island that the cost of this study will be met by ADL. I for one am extremely hopeful that the feasibility will be proven and that we can, at last, make a long-standing dream a reality."

ADL Principal Gordon Fitton said, "We are pleased to have been selected by the States of Alderney as their development partners for the Alderney Marina project.  This is an ambitious scheme which will be of significant benefit to the island.  I do not underestimate the difficulties of bringing it to fruition, but I believe we have the necessary vision, experience and resources to do so."

ADL'S development adviser Alan Fulford added, "Our first task is to assemble a project team equipped to take the scheme development work forward. We are working on that and the full team will be in place within the next few weeks and this will be followed by several months of intensive survey and design work."


The members of the Policy & Finance Committee are:

Francis Simonet (Chairman)

Raymond Berry

Matt Birmingham

Neil Harvey

Louis Jean

Robert McDowall (Deputy Chairman)

Norma Paris

Steve Roberts

Chris Rowley

Ian Tugby