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Publication of the Good Governance Institute report into the HSSD actions in relation to Dr Lyons

In welcoming publication of the report the Chairman of the States of Alderney Policy & Finance Committee, Robert McDowall, made a number of observations regarding the findings and suggested a number of steps that need to be taken to recover public confidence in the provision of health services to the people of Alderney.

"The key findings of this review are:

1. Whilst patient safety is a priority and it is entirely appropriate to treat all valid concerns seriously, thoroughly and quickly - in this case, the response from HSSD to a verbal complaint lacked sufficient consideration of all relevant factors and was ultimately neither sufficiently proportionate nor soundly based.

2. There were a number of weaknesses in relation to culture, leadership and governance in HSSD that need to be addressed.

3. Although this was a matter of great significance to the island, there was insufficient liaison with the States of Alderney civil service or politicians at the time of the initial investigation.

4. Events over the last 11 months have had a significant and profoundly damaging impact on:

a. the personal and professional life and the reputation of Dr Lyons; and

b. health services on Alderney - particularly given the context of the island and the GP capacity.

5. Public trust has been undermined by the apparent leak of privileged and sensitive information to the media.


In response to these detailed findings we propose a change in the way that health services are currently delivered by placing greater emphasis on the States working with HSSD and the local community to influence and shape services. To move this forward we have identified a number of next steps that, we believe, are crucial in reassuring the community and in restoring their trust and confidence:

1. Public consultation will be undertaken to focus the way forward for all health services in Alderney. This will include the scale and standard of services provided by HSSD.

2. As part of the current review of the financial relationship between Alderney and Guernsey, the States of Alderney is pressing for the development of service level agreements which will allow both influence on the level and standards of all transferred services provided, as well as a mechanism to monitor delivery against those standards.

3. We await the response to the report from HSSD and in particular the plan and timetable to address the significant cultural, leadership and governance weaknesses raised in the report. The States will expect to be fully involved at both political and civil service level in the implementation of any recommendations that impact on health services delivered on behalf of Alderney people.

4. The States will also seek assurance that there will be an open and transparent investigation into the alleged leak of privileged information and that appropriate action will be taken to penalise those responsible.

We look forward to welcoming the Chief Executive of the States of Guernsey, together with a member of the Policy Council, to a public meeting in Alderney to provide an update on their progress in implementing the GGI recommendations. We expect this meeting will take place in April."