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Bailiwick Council meeting in Sark - 15 March 2016

On Tuesday 15 March 2016 the second Bailiwick Council meeting was held in Sark hosted by the Chief Pleas' Policy & Performance Committee.  The meeting further developed the role of the Council as a forum for discussing a unified approach to intra-Bailiwick and pan-island issues.

The Council discussed matters relating to co-operation on tourism and exploring initiatives to develop this offering, including developing the market within the residents of the islands. It also discussed a range of other current intra-Bailiwick issues, constitutional and international relations matters. The next meeting is due to be held in Alderney.

The meeting was chaired by Conseiller Charles Maitland.  Conseiller Maitland said "I was pleased that Sark was able to host the second meeting in particular to discuss how to develop tourism, the mainstay of the Sark economy.  I hope the work of Council will lead to stronger bilateral relationships as well, I was interested to learn more about the successes of the Alderney Liaison Group."

Chief Minister of Guernsey, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq said: "It is important that the Bailiwick Council is embraced by each of the islands in order for it to function effectively.  In time I hope that it will help to shape our islands' future policies, with a greater understanding of the impact each island has on each other and how we engage with the people of these islands."

President of the States of Alderney, Stuart Trought said: "I am looking forward to hosting the next meetingThe Council is proving to be a valuable mechanism to share ideas between the three islands, and particularly to build on the work between and Alderney and Guernsey in the last few years.  It has shown we all can learn from working more closely with each other."


Notes to editors:

The remit of the Bailiwick Council is : "To better handle and promote proactive and positive engagement between the governments and communities of the islands; and to provide forums for improved cooperation, consultation and communication both internally and externally."


The attendees at the meeting were:


Conseiller Charles Maitland, Chairman, Policy & Performance Committee

Conseiller Hazel Fry, Deputy Chairman, Policy & Performance Committee

Conseiller Jane Norwich, Member, Policy & Performance Committee

Conseiller Arthur Rolfe, Member, Policy & Performance Committee

Conseiller Stephen Taylor, Member, Policy & Performance Committee



Stuart Trought, President of the States of Alderney

Chris Rowley, Chairman of the Tourism and Marketing Committee 



Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, Chief Minister

Deputy Kevin Stewart, Minister of Commerce & Employment