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Press Release - Exercise Ringed Plover

For immediate release: 11th May 2016

The States of Alderney, Emergency Services and supporting agencies will be testing their response arrangements to an island emergency/major incident on Sunday 22 May 2016. 

Exercise Ringed Plover will validate the arrangements set out in the States of Alderney Emergency Plan together with individual services response procedures and will test both the operational response and the wider tactical level coordination.

The responding agencies including Police, Alderney Fire Brigade, St John Alderney Ambulance, the Joint Emergency Services Control Room, Island Medical Centre, Mignot Memorial Hospital, Alderney Airport, Alderney Harbour, States Works, Alderney Water, UK Military and Guernsey Voluntary Service Alderney will be participating in the exercise which will commence at 10.00 and finish at 14.00.

Victor Brownlees, Chief Executive, States of Alderney explained:

"In the unlikely event of an island emergency/major incident, it is important that the emergency services and supporting agencies work closely together to ensure a co-ordinated multi agency response.  The States of Alderney has invested in updating its Island Emergency Plan and the exercise will be an ideal opportunity, in a safe learning environment to test the arrangements set out in the plan and provide an invaluable training opportunity for all the services involved".

In order to ensure a safe working environment, Alderney Airport will be closed for the first part of the exercise between 10.00 and 12.00 and traffic diversions will be in place around La Marette for this period.  Please avoid this area for the duration of the exercise but if you need access urgently, please contact Guernsey Police control room on Tel: 824999.  A number of actors playing the part of casualties will also be taken to the Mignot Memorial Hospital but this should not impact on routine services provided on the day.  The second part of the exercise will be located at the harbour office and the third and final stage at the Island Hall.  Impact on the public will be kept to a minimum at all times, but there may be small amount of inconvenience caused with access during the exercise.  In addition letters to residents in the immediate vicinity have been sent out warning the building occupiers of the exercise for part 1.

The States of Alderney and emergency services are grateful to the support of all the volunteers who have helped make this exercise possible and in particular the Alderney Theatre Group and Alderney Wildlife Trust Conservation Volunteers for giving up their time to play the role of casualties and evacuees.



Note to editors:

Please contact Catherine Veron, Emergency Planning Officer (seconded) on 825522 or for further information

11th May 2016


Interviews with exercise staff will be available after the exercise is completed at 14.00 on Sunday 22 May at the Island Hall.  Access to the scene of the incident for the exercise will be provided, accompanied by the Guernsey Emergency Planning Officer Kevin Murphy.  Please report to Kevin Murphy at La Marette Road at 9.50.  He will be wearing a high visibility jacket marked "media coordinator".  Please ensure that you wear suitable personal protective clothing including high visibility jacket and press identification.