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Asian Hornet Update - October 2016 - Public Information

On 23.10.2016 States works department was made aware of a mature Asian hornet's nest in water lane. After visual accounts and obtaining drone footage we were able to confirm that this nest was at a mature stage and that it was that of Asian hornet (vespa velutina / yellow legged wasp). The nests contents have since been destroyed and the nest has been frozen to allow examination.

The hornet has a major impact on bee colonies of which there are several island wide, they also predate on several other smaller insects that we also have many of on the island.


It is moving away from being an active period of the hornet and they are beginning their overwintering (hibernation) with newly bred queens that have been produced in the past 2-3 month period. We ask people to remain vigilant and cautious. It is difficult to spot the nests as they are formed high up in trees and are camouflaged well with their brown/beige colour. Should anyone see anything that resembles a wasp nest or anything of that nature, please call the SWD office immediately on 01481 822408. The direct line to the pest control department is 07781101954. And the out of hours call out number is 07781405488

Like other hornets, wasps and bees they have a sting that can cause immense pain and other more serious symptoms to people who are allergic. Should you be stung please seek medical advice.

SWD have taken measures to ensure the hornet can be identified by those who are most likely to come into contact with it (bee keepers, tree surgeons and certified pest controllers)

We also have a range of professional products and equipment specifically designed to exterminate the hornets and their nests should there be any further need.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Jamie Laband - Ground Maintenance Team Leader, States works and technical services.