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Economic Development Plan - Press Release

For Immediate Release: 10th April 2017

Plans for the growth and development of Alderney's economy have been published today.

Chairman of Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee, James Dent, says: "It is so important that as many people as possible in the Bailiwick understand our plans and the general direction we are taking."

The economic plan for the Island is available online but a leaflet summarising it has also been widely distributed in Alderney. The leaflet entitled "A clear sense of direction" declares the mission of the States of Alderney in the context especially of recent history. It also makes a bold statements to support the view that the economy is top priority.

"After some years of strategic planning, we are now in a position to turn aspirations and aims into practical objectives and actions" Mr Dent said. "Our job for Alderney is to protect the best and improve the rest."

The economic development plan looks to promote priorities first identified in Alderney's 2014 strategic plan. Transport links, digital connectivity and increasing the working age population will all serve to strengthen the economy. These three areas for development are set in the context of the financial relationship between Guernsey and Alderney, financial regulation regimes and continuing promotion of tourism in Alderney.

Mr Dent acknowledged that plans like this are vulnerable to events and unknowns. Brexit, completion or abandonment of the FAB project, progress on tidal power and the future of the E-gaming industry are all mentioned as "known unknowns" for Alderney.

"There are no economic certainties in this world and nobody owes us a living" said Mr Dent. "What is important is for us to be aware of the risks and to take full advantage of our opportunities. The people of Alderney are entitled to expect us to protect the best in our island and improve the rest."

The full economic plan and summary brochure are available online at copies of the brochure are also available from the Island Hall, Alderney.



Note to editors:

Please contact Paul Veron, States of Alderney on 825520 (Mon - Wed) or for further information