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Press Release - Aurigny Front Line Staff doing a wonderful job in very difficult circumstances for the Alderney Community

19 July 2017

At its meeting yesterday, the Policy & Finance Committee gave its wholehearted and unanimous support and gratitude to the Aurigny staff working on the front lines, in what have been very difficult and challenging conditions. This has been the case not just in the past few weeks, but over a protracted period of time as the airline has managed the tortuous process of the necessary transition from Trislander to Dornier aircraft.

The Committee is well aware that all such staff are held in high regard locally by the Community, where the vast majority of island residents and visitors realise that the staff are doing the very best they can to minimise and ease the severe disruption to services that has been caused by a lack of serviceable aircraft and sufficient trained air crew, with such challenges compounded at certain times by the weather.

The Committee fully supports the recent media release from Aurigny asking for its staff to be treated with respect both while they are at work and also in their private lives in our Community.


James Dent

Chairman, Policy & Finance Committee