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Press Release - Aurigny Air Links

For immediate release: 23rd November 2017

The States of Alderney remains actively in contact with the Guernsey Committee for Economic Development (CfED) and the Policy & Resources Committee (P&R) over the recent suggestions that the current level of losses for the airline on the Alderney-Southampton route are not sustainable.

Unquestionably, a regular and reliable UK air-link is critical to the Alderney economy and there is no talk that it should not exist but rather a conversation over the extent to which it should be subsidised. We are pressing the CfED and P&R to stand by their commitments to view this route as an economic enabler and to reject hasty solutions that ignore the opportunity to find other operators who might be able to operate it with much reduced financial support.

Given the need for adequate engagement and consultation between the Islands on such an important issue, the Policy & Finance Committee has explained to the two Guernsey Committees that it will be holding a special meeting on 28th November, following which it will be providing them with further feedback.

In the meantime the States of Alderney realises that even having such discussions understandably leads to concerns. As a States we would therefore wish to take this opportunity to thank the community for the letters of support, a petition, and for the other ways in which people and businesses have already shared their reasons why the Alderney-Southampton route is so critical.

A further update will be issued after the Policy & Finance Committee's special meeting.



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