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2017 - Platinum Wedding Anniversary

Platinum Wedding Anniversary

On the 20th November 1947, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married at Westminster Abbey. Now 70 years on, they are celebrating the momentous occasion of their 70th Wedding Anniversary. 

Alderney has joined with the Commonwealth Mint to produce 4 stunning designs to mark this truly memorable occasion. 

The first 2 designs use famous photographic images of the Queen and Prince Philip, including an official black and white 1947 Wedding Day portrait and a superb full colour photograph of the couple dating from 2007, their 'Diamond' year.

2017 - Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Platinum Wedding Anniversary 1

2017 - Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Platinum Wedding Anniversary 2

In addition to the photographic designs, 2 further coins have also been issued.  One features the shields of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, with Crowns above and enclosed by the Royal Garter and the second shows the cyphers "E" and "P" with Crowns above and a ribbon below which incorporates the Rose, the Thistle and the Shamrock.  These designs have been produced by renowned numismatic artist Timothy Noad.

The obverse of the coins depict a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, by Joel Iskowitz, surrounded by the inscription "Elizabeth II Dei Gra Regina, Alderney, C.I. 2017".

For further details or to order a coin, please use the links below:-

The Jubilee Mint

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