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Press Release - Alderney Island-wide Superfast Broadband Initiative

For immediate release: 8th December 2017

Access to superfast broadband will be one of the key drivers in terms of a wide range of business and social connectivity initiatives in the future.

In this regard, The States of Alderney are delighted to announce that, in conjunction with Sure, every household and business in the Island will have the ability to sign up to superfast broadband for a two year period at no extra cost to the household or business.

The initiative to be launched in January and funded through the Economic Development Reserve will be rolled out during 2018 as follows:

  • Every household and business will be contacted and informed of the initiative in detail and invited by Sure to sign up to a two year Broadband upgrade.
  • Sure will carry out the necessary connection upgrade at no cost to the recipient.
  • If required, a new VDSL router will be supplied at no cost to the recipient.
  • The additional monthly rental for the broadband upgrade will be funded by the States over the two year period.
  • Following this two year period, householders and businesses will be able to continue to have the benefits of the upgrade at the appropriate monthly rental or have the option to revert back to the original agreement (and therefore previous Broadband speed that was in place before the upgrade and the relevant rental).

As a result of this initiative, Alderney will potentially have the fastest average island-wide broadband speeds in the Channel Islands. To capitalise on this competitive advantage, a number of business and social initiatives will be followed up with the support of Sure which could include greater opportunities for home working, e-training, e-health, and business start-ups. These initiatives will be worked on during the next few months.

Justin Bellinger, Chief Digital Officer at Sure, said:

"Sure is very pleased to be working with the States of Alderney to undertake this investment project to digitally enhance Alderney and bring superfast broadband to every home and business on the island.

Sure has already commenced installation of new infrastructure to develop the network and reduce line lengths to households and businesses, as well as investing in an upgrade of the core fixed network to increase capacity."