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Press Release - Consultation on Possible Changes to Organ Donation

For immediate release: 4th June 2018

The States of Alderney are wishing to consult you about the possible changes to organ donation in the event that the States of Guernsey decides to implement a "soft opt-out" system. The attached consultation note sets out the issue and some key questions for consideration.

In debating this matter, members of the States of Alderney, were clear that the circumstances in which organ donation can happen are, and would continue to be, very limited. In reality, the changes would impact on organ donations of Alderney people who die in Guernsey, the UK and elsewhere rather than people who die in Alderney. However, Alderney people will continue to benefit from organ donations in the future and in those circumstances it may be reasonable to consider a change if a "soft opt-in" system is introduced in Guernsey.

Closing date for this consultation is 5th July 2018. Please respond in writing to:

Andrew Muter
Chief Executive
PO Box 1001

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