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Press Release - Consultation on a Vision for Alderney

For immediate release: 26th June 2018

To create a welcoming, resilient and sustainable island which has excellent connectivity with a buoyant economy and a happy, healthy community; and a community which values and protects the island's unique cultural and natural environment.

Visions come to nothing unless they are backed by action. We know that, as a government, we need to be better at focussing our efforts, prioritising our resources and delivering outcomes. We'll review our plans to try and ensure that they match our vision and can deliver our aspirations.

But first, we need to hear from the public and stakeholders in our community. Is this the right vision? Does it chime with what you think is important for Alderney? Can we improve on it? What matters for you?

We know there'll be lots of specific things that people want to see as priorities, and we'll listen to and welcome those ideas too. But the vision is important. Things will flow from it. So please help us get it right.
The attached consultation note sets out the issue and some key questions for consideration.

Closing date for this consultation is 25th July 2018. Please respond in writing to:
Andrew Muter
Chief Executive
PO Box 1001