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Press Release - States of Guernsey Policy & Resources Committee Letter of Comment

For immediate release: 12th July 2018

On 11 July the States of Guernsey Policy and Resources Committee published a Letter of Comment regarding the Committee for Economic Development's Review of Air Transport Licensing which is to be considered by the States of Deliberation next week.

The Letter of Comment makes a number of comments about air services for Alderney including:
1. Setting out the view of Policy & Resources that there should only be a single lifeline route for Alderney
2. Making reference to the terms of the 1948 Agreement and the need to review the way this works
3. Setting out the financial implications for the States of Guernsey relating to current air transport services for Alderney.

The States of Alderney remains committed to a Public Service Obligation and to its decision to determine that both the Guernsey and Southampton air routes are lifeline routes for Alderney. The suggestion that the 1948 Agreement should be reviewed is welcomed.

James Dent, Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee said: "We welcome many aspects of P&R's comments if the letter is meant in a genuine spirit of openness and cooperation, and if the aim is to look after the interests of both islands. We fully appreciate that there are matters that are unacceptable and unsustainable in terms of the current financial performance on the Alderney air routes, and this is why the States of Alderney have been so supportive of the Committee for Economic Development's work on developing Public Service Obligations (PSOs) for "lifeline" routes.

We would most certainly have differing views on the slant that has been taken in presenting some of the financial data, but of greater significance is that we agree that it would be most helpful to have constructive dialogue between the islands on what adjustments to the relationship between the islands may be beneficial, given the passage of time since the last fundamental review of the 1948 Agreement. This will of course require a joint approach with mutually agreed terms of reference and membership from both islands, with a respected independent chair."


Notes to Editors:
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