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Press Release - Visit of Lord Keen

For immediate release: 28th September 2018

On Tuesday, the island hosted a visit by Lord Keen, who is the UK Minister responsible for the Crown Dependencies. He was accompanied by his wife, his private secretary, Nathan Lappin and the head of the MoJ Crown Dependency Team, Elaine Cobb.

During a private meeting, States Members had the opportunity to brief him on the following areas:

  • Why the one size fits all policies of Guernsey are not always appropriate in Alderney - his attention was drawn to differences in demographics, housing and employment policy or approach to Brexit and the success of ventures, such as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, when Alderney and Guernsey had been able to pursue differing but complementary policies;
  • Alderney's desire for any review of the 1948 Agreement to be holistic and not confined to transactional financial matters - it was stressed that it was important to incorporate economic issues and to be independently chaired - the limited resources available to Alderney when negotiating need to be accommodated
  • The manner in which transferred services, particularly health and education, were administered - these being key services fundamental to those younger incomers who might start or operate new businesses

Lord Keen recognised the importance of Alderney having a strong and constructive relationship with Guernsey at a political and official level.

James Dent
Policy and Finance Committee