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Press Release - Cautious welcome for residency proposals

For immediate release: 14th November 2018

The Policy and Finance Committee have welcomed proposals by the States of Guernsey which would apply to Alderney residents seeking to relocate to Guernsey for further education, training or employment. Currently, Alderney school students in secondary education are not treated as ordinarily resident in Guernsey during their education and therefore continue to be ordinarily resident in Alderney.

The proposals would allow Alderney residents who want to continue in further education and training or who want to take up an employment opportunity to do so if they meet the following criteria. Firstly, they must have 14 consecutive years ordinary residence in the Bailiwick immediately prior to a Permit being issued. Secondly, they must have been resident in the Bailiwick before their 18th birthday, in the household of their parents. Thirdly, they must be under the age of 32 at the time of making the Permit application.

Whilst the Policy and Finance Committee welcomed the proposals by Population Management in the States of Guernsey, they are asking whether the words "in the household of their parents" could be deleted and whether the requirement to be aged under 32 could be removed.

The Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee, James Dent, said "We are pleased to see some proposals to address this situation but we are concerned that the current requirements might have some unintended consequences. We wouldn't want to see someone who has lived in the household of a guardian or close relative being excluded from eligibility. We also feel the age limit of 32 is a bit arbitrary and question whether an age limit is appropriate."

The views of the Policy and Finance Committee will now be sent to the States of Guernsey for their consideration.

For further information, please contact Andrew Muter: