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Press Release - Population and employment trends are encouraging

For immediate release: 5th December 2018

The latest electronic census statistics show that, as at 30 June 2018, there has been a small increase in the working population in Alderney over the last twelve months and the number employed now stands at 880. In addition, the number of employers in the island increased by 6% over the previous year from 127 in June 2017 to 135 in June this year.

This follows on from year-end population figures which, in December 2017, stood just short of 2,000 at 1,996. This is an increase of 1% over the December 2016 electronic census figure and a 1.5% increase over the 2015 population level. Although the methodology was different, the March 2013 island-wide Census revealed a population level of 1,903.

Also encouraging from the population data is the increase in the number of residents aged between 20 and 39. This age group suffered the greatest decline between 2001 and 2013 but now has seen a net growth of 59 persons since 2013. This growth is also reflected in the 0 to 9 age category which has seen a net increase of 21 persons.

James Dent, Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee said: "The data when combined with the prospects for Fort Tourgis and other private sector initiatives now in the pipeline should give us cause for optimism. We must not, however, become complacent - our road to full economic recovery will require both ourselves in Alderney and our colleagues in Guernsey working positively together with common cause".


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