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Asian Hornet Spring Trapping Programme

Media Release: 6th February 2019

Following a successful Spring Trapping Programme in 2018 the States of Alderney Agricultural Department will be conducting the same operation from March 2019.

In 2018, 55 Asian Hornet queens were captured through our Spring Trapping Programme. Each hornet that successfully survives the winter will emerge in the spring and begin building a new primary nest. The Queen and hornets will work to create a secondary nest which is much larger than the primary nest and can house up to 6000 hornets. Last year there were only 4 secondary nests on Alderney that were located and destroyed. Without the Spring Trapping Programme this number could have been closer to 60 nests on island.

Asian Hornets present a risk to the public, and will cause significant harm to our native insect populations, such as bees and other biodiversity. The Spring Trapping Programme will reduce the development of nests and restrict the spread and growth of the hornet population here on Alderney

Further Updates will be issued once Spring Trapping Programme is complete.


Jamie Laband

Agricultural Team Leader