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Press Release - The Public Service Obligation (PSO) for Alderney's Air Services

For immediate release: 27th March 2019

The States of Alderney is disappointed and frustrated with the unsuccessful outcome of the PSO process. Nevertheless, there are some positive outcomes: firstly, the States is pleased that the Committee for Economic Development appears intent on finding a solution that meets Alderney's needs; and secondly, we believe that there are ways to improve the process and ensure a better outcome.

We are also grateful to the Committee for Economic Development for their commentary on the Aurigny tender. The inconsistencies between the tender and the States of Deliberation resolution of 28th May 2014 (Aurigny Air Services - Aircraft Acquisition for Alderney Services) are particularly noteworthy. There are clearly some serious issues to resolve between Aurigny and its owner, the States of Guernsey.

It is now clear that some of the elements in the Invitation to Tender were off-putting to established operators - for example, the incorporation of the medevac services. The States of Alderney has always favoured the Scottish PSO model, not least because it reduces risk. In this model, the Government owns the aircraft and the PSO operator is provided with them - the PSO operator is then responsible for all matters of operation including maintenance.

The States of Alderney looks forward to working with the Committee for Economic Development on the next steps. In the meantime, the status quo should prevail.