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Press Release - Declaration of Result of the Presidential By Election

Declaration of Result of the Presidential By election

Explanatory note

At 16:23 on the 21st June the States of Alderney received notice of withdrawal by Jack William Gates from the Presidential By-election.

Mr Gates wrote as follows:

" It is with deep regret I have decided to withdraw from the election. With work commitments I think the role as president would be to much and I wouldn't be able to fully commit to the position.

I have also received abuse in the street and on social media I didn't realise this is what was involved in the democracy of Alderney.

Sorry if it seems I have wasted your time, however when a position arises as a states member I will consider running for that instead.

I wish William Tate every success especially if he has to deal with the kind of backlash I have received for attempting to make a difference."

The States of Alderney Election Procedure Ordinance, 1987 allows for the withdrawal of a candidate at any time before the appointed day of election. Under Section 30. (3) of the Government of Alderney Law, the number of candidates is not greater than the number of vacancies to be filled and therefore the election will not now take place on 22nd June and:


I, Andrew William Muter, being the Returning Officer of the States of Alderney for the Presidential By-election scheduled to be held on 22 June 2019, do hereby declare that WILLIAM TATE is elected as President of the States of Alderney for the remainder of the current Presidential term.