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Public Notice - Harbour parking controlled area


The Braye Harbour (Alderney) Ordinance, 1983

Uniform Scale of Fines Alderney Ordinance of the States, 2007

Harbour road marking and signs - Effective from 1st August 2019

WE HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of enforcement of the control of parking in vicinity of the Harbour under Section 29A(1) of The Braye Harbour (Alderney) Ordinance, 1983

Parking areas, road markings and signs have been updated within the controlled area of the Harbour Office. Dedicated spaces have been provided to the RNLI use only and Disabled parking bays, Unload / Load areas, pedestrian walkways etc. have been designated.

The Harbour Office controlled area includes the Harbour, any quay, jetty, wharf, pier or slipway and any other area adjacent belonging to or used or occupied by or on behalf of the States, including the Glacis.

The Harbour Office area of responsibility includes what is commonly known as the Glacis, Crusher site, Commercial Quay, Inner Harbour and all boat yards, up to the Recycling Centre, DHS and Braye Beach Hotel.

Please ensure you park in the allocated parking bays and zones when in or around the Harbour and Braye area. Failure to do so could be considered that the 'parked' item is abandoned, and any vehicle within the controlled area that may be considered as causing an obstruction, danger to others or broken down may be removed and the necessary steps taken to recover any expenditure in so doing.

If found guilty of an offence please note that you may be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the Alderney uniform scale of fines (£2,000)

Harbour Office