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Press Release - 2 Air Links + PSO 30 10 19

Mum's the word on Air Links, Alderney politician tells colleagues

With negotiations on the Public Service Obligation (PSO) reaching a delicate stage, Alderney's elected Members have been reminded to maintain confidentiality.

Chairman James Dent told the Policy and Finance Committee that rumours and information leaks could harm the process.

He emphasised that developing the economic and other arguments for protecting the Alderney-Southampton route was the States of Alderney's highest priority.

And he added that although responsibility for PSO lies with the States of Guernsey, the States of Alderney would be consulted before a final decision was made.

Guernsey's Committee for Economic Development is due to consider revised PSO tenders next month but the process is unlikely to be concluded by the States of Guernsey until February next year, almost a year behind schedule.