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Press Release - Manche Iles Sailings 2020 26.11.2019

Manche Iles boost to Alderney economy next year

A deal struck between Alderney and the Manche Iles Express line could see a large increase in visitors from France next year.

And in a further boost to the island's economy, increased numbers of sailings will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy Alderney hospitality with overnight and four- or six-night visits.

Manche Iles has already announced it will increase scheduled rotations from a dozen this year to 17 in 2020, and has now announced an additional seven direct crossings from France. In all there will be 13 rotations direct to Alderney from France and 11 via Guernsey.

This also creates additional opportunities for Alderney residents to visit Normandy.

The Policy & Finance Committee has ratified a deal to subsidise Manche Iles 2020 sailings to Alderney up to a maximum of £10,000 - but it may not cost a penny if the company reaches break-even passenger numbers.

For example, the Granville capacity is 240 passengers with a break-even of 130 so if a sailing does not achieve that figure, Alderney would pay the ticket value for the shortfall at the end of the season.

If all 24 rotations average 180 passengers, Alderney could be welcoming 4,320 visitors next year without triggering the subsidy. This compares with 4,300 movements on the Little Ferry in 2019 at a subsidy of £98,000.

Visit Alderney is to work closely with Manche Iles Express to market the island in France.