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Press Statement - Alderney Ambulance Service

The States of Alderney has received notification from the Board of the Alderney Ambulance Service Ltd that it is no longer able to provide a safe and sustainable ambulance service for Alderney.

The decision of the Board follows on from a Review of the Ambulance Service commissioned jointly by the AAS Ltd and the States of Alderney carried out by Richard Webber. The States of Alderney has expressed its serious concerns about the issues identified in the review. It sets out a number of findings about the service including:

  • There are a number of pieces of life-saving equipment which do not work
  • Some equipment has never been serviced or is past its recommended service date
  • Many consumables are past their expiry date
  • There is no current Medical Director in place with the effect that there are no governance arrangements for the use of medicines
  • Equipment is in use which is beyond the scope of practice of an Ambulance Technician
  • The clinical assessment of patients is inadequate and patients are being left without a safe clinical rationale

The States of Alderney considers that this situation is unacceptable and that these issues are of the highest importance in ensuring the safety of the Island. In view of the decision of the Alderney Ambulance Service Ltd, the States is now taking the following urgent steps:

  1. Engagement with the St John's Ambulance in Guernsey and with other key stakeholders to seek their assistance in helping to put a safe and viable ambulance service in place for the short term
  2. Establishing a model for a new ambulance service for Alderney, which would have appropriate clinical and professional governance and could be managed in parallel with the States of Alderney Fire Service.
  3. Inviting volunteers who wish to serve the community in providing an ambulance service to contact the States of Alderney.

The Alderney Ambulance Service Review Report is attached.