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Press Release - Ambulance Statement 19.12.19

Ambulance Service

The States of Alderney is working closely with the Island's key medical stakeholders and the other emergency services to firstly ensure 24-hour ambulance cover is available over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

Representatives from the Mignot Memorial Hospital (MMH), The Island Medical Centre (IMC) and St John Ambulance Guernsey, together with the States of Alderney Fire and Rescue Service and the Guernsey-run Alderney Airport Fire Service, will oversee a safe and effective ambulance service that will operate over the holiday period.

A team of volunteers has been assembled to operate under the leadership of Chief Fire and Rescue Officer, alongside the Fire and Rescue Service. Guernsey's St John Ambulance Service is providing interim cover until Saturday December 21 and will ensure that safe and serviceable equipment is handed over to the new team. They will continue to provide technical and professional support.

All out-of-date, damaged or missing equipment has been removed or rectified with the assistance of St John Ambulance Guernsey. This means the ambulance service will have the resilience of the key organisations working together to provide 24-hour cover. All volunteers crewing the ambulances will have an appropriate level of training to carry out patient transfer.

The training programme for volunteers has already begun and there are sufficient crew members to ensure service continuity.

Meanwhile, the States of Alderney will continue to work with stakeholders to develop the right model to serve Alderney in the longer term and will engage with the local community to get their views and input in the New Year.

The measures were required when the charity operating the service informed the States of Alderney that it was unable to continue. They have guaranteed a seamless handover of its resources.

This community initiative will be seeking further volunteers and should contact either Mark Gaudion or Sally Ireland.