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Press Release - Energy Policy

Alderney Energy Policy

The Policy and Finance Committee at its meeting in December considered a draft Energy Policy for Alderney.

The Policy sets out the key issues and options for Alderney in relation to the supply, use and development of energy for the Island. It identifies the context and some potential objectives for energy policy. These are draft objectives, prepared by a working party of knowledgeable stakeholders for the States of Alderney, and presented to help with a wider debate.

Energy policy is an important contribution to the Island's economic wellbeing and development and therefore requires a strategic and focused approach to meet future challenges and to ensure the environmental and economic attractiveness of the Island.

The next stage of this work is to enter into public engagement to shape and build the Island's energy policy. Without public support and involvement, the challenges and opportunities ahead will not be addressed.

The consultation period commences today for a four week period i.e. until Friday 6th March 2020. If you wish to comment please send your views by email to or by letter addressed to the Chief Executive, States of Alderney.



Draft Energy Policy attached below: