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Press Release - Covid 19 2nd Newsletter 01.04.2020

States of Alderney produces second Covid-19 Newsletter

A second eight-page newsletter on COVID-19 has been produced by the States of Alderney for all residents and businesses.

It carries news and information on the current position with testing for the virus, now being carried out in the Bailiwick, together with a message of thanks from the island's President to the army of volunteers who have stepped up to support the community.

It covers the new guidance for businesses, which retailers can remain open and lists the categories of essential workers.

Bruno Kay-Mouat explains what's happening at Alderney Shipping and how the supply chain is being kept open for food and other essentials, while the first in a series on local businesses puts the spotlight on how McAllister's is delivering locally caught fish and seafood.

There are details on Self-Isolation and Social Distancing, details of how Alderney's Emergency Response Group is dealing with day-to-day issues and a map showing where islanders can recycle waste.

The Newsletter will be distributed to every home by States Works and an online PDF version is available with this press release.

Guernsey Public Health has full, up-to-date information on the Coronavirus at This covers the whole Bailiwick, including Alderney.