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Press Release - Public Message from States Members 03.04.2020


The next few weeks, possibly months, are going to be difficult. No-one knows how things will develop, but we do know that we will have the best outcome if we all follow professional medical, and other advice and we urge all fellow islanders to do the same.
We all have our own opinions as to the usefulness or practicality of the measures that are being implemented- some think they go too far, others think they do not go far enough. They are not, however, arbitrary and are all based on the known science.
We also hear of many suggested additional measures. All are clearly well-intentioned, but implementing them without a clear understanding of the consequences, might be dangerous. Please be assured that all the measures to protect us have been carefully considered.
We, your elected representatives, have full confidence in:

  • the work and advice from our Public Health Officers and Doctors - these are the key people we need to listen to; and
  • the logistical and other arrangements being made on island to keep us safe.

We want everyone to keep safe and we want to thank all those in Alderney (in both the public and private sectors) who are working so hard and leading our on-island efforts on our behalf - we also want to thank those in Guernsey, particularly Dr Brink and her team, and the Presidents, CfP&R, CfHSC, CfEI and CfHA.

We are united in this message.
Your States Members:
Annie Burgess
Mike Dean
James Dent
David Earl
Louis Jean
Kevin Gentle
Chris Harris
Graham McKinley
Steve Roberts
Alex Snowdon