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Press Release - Lockdown Continues 08.04.2020

Lockdown continues but Alderney seeks exemptions for home deliveries of prepared meals

The Lockdown is set to continue for the time being on the advice of the Director of Public Health, Dr Nicola Brink.

Gavin St Pier, Chair of the Civil Contingencies Authority, said: "'Our objective has not changed, we must reduce the spread of this infectious disease and make sure our health infrastructure, which includes our frontline nurses, doctors and health and social care workers, are not overwhelmed.

"The best way we can all do that, and help save lives, is by staying at home."

Changes to the guidance mean that non-essential retailers throughout the Bailiwick are also permitted to carry out home deliveries from midnight on Wednesday (April 8), provided this is done in line with guidance to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Unlike essential grocery and food retailers, these shops are not permitted to open their doors to the public and must take orders by phone, email or online.

Alderney's Operational Group led by CEO Andrew Muter advised that there should be some flexibility in the lockdown restrictions imposed two weeks ago. The Policy & Finance Committee backed the idea and work continued over the weekend to identify which restrictions could be changed.

The option for non-essential retailers to deliver goods ordered online or over the phone allows a little more normality to return without a significant increase in the risk of spreading the virus. But there is no general relaxation of the rules on takeaways as specifically requested by Alderney.

However, Alderney's restaurants can apply for an exemption so they can reopen their kitchens for home deliveries only - to do this they will have to demonstrate they can apply social distancing rules in their kitchens. Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained if more than one person is working in the kitchen. They must also have a safe and hygienic process in place for deliveries.

Restaurants seeking an exemption from the current restrictions in order to provide delivered takeaways should email setting out details of how they would meet the requirements as set out in the attached documents, 'Takeaway Exemptions' and 'Home Deliveries - Revised Guidance'. Kitchens may be subject to checks. Mr Muter will then liaise with the Committee for Health and Social Care to seek the exemptions.

"We think the availability of prepared food makes a significant contribution to Alderney's ability to weather this storm," said Mr Muter. "There is pressure on our meals on wheels service which is working at its peak capacity and there are many people on island who struggle with cooking their own meals and will be delighted that a delivery service will be available again."