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Press Release - Covid - Confirmation of Emergency Powers 14.05.2020

States of Alderney confirms CCA emergency powers

In its first full meeting convened remotely, the States of Alderney unanimously confirmed the coronavirus Emergency Powers Regulations and subsequent amendments.

The regulations are drawn up by the Bailiwick's Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA) to prevent, control or mitigate the spread of coronavirus and the Covid-19 disease.

They came into force on 16th April 2020 for the duration of the crisis with formal continuation required every 30 days, and have required various amendments to cope with specific aspects as they arise.

Regulations and amendments included:

  • Screening, assessment and powers to detain infected people in isolation
  • Control of premises, gatherings and the movement of people
  • Temporary registration of medical and health professionals, including the modification of legislation relating to mental health and pharmaceutical supervision
  • Procedures for the management of the deceased
  •  Procedures for full and Committee meetings of the States of Alderney

The Members were asked "not to annul the regulations", terminology which James Dent, Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee, referred to as a double-negative yet was important legal terminology to safeguard this essential legislation.

"These are all Regulations made by the Civil Contingencies Authority," he said. "All have subsequently been approved by the States of Deliberation in Guernsey. They are required to be placed before the States of Alderney in order that they be 'not annulled'.

"I would like everyone to note the speed at which the Civil Contingencies Authority was required to work in order that these Regulations came into force in a timely manner."

Alderney is represented on the CCA by Mr Dent.