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Press Release - Covid - Recovery Plan 14.05.2020

Alderney focuses on post-Covid recovery plan

Alderney's elected Members and the civil service are working on a post-Covid-19 recovery plan to restart the island's economy, with some measures already in place.

The island's recovery will be funded by a "significant" rethink of States of Alderney spending plans, including capital spending, together with access to the Bailiwick's emergency financing package.

James Dent, Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee, announced at the States meeting on Wednesday May 13 that the views of islanders will be sought as plans are developed "so we can get the views of the public to help shape them."

The Committee has already approved a concession for the 2020 mooring fees for commercial fishermen, the deferral of commercial rent for two quarters in States-owned commercial properties where needed, and will defer the recovery of TRP where necessary.

"These measures ensure that we are mirroring the States of Guernsey support to business," said Mr Dent, whose Committee has received civil service updates on the financial position and approved a revised budget which is being kept under review.

"This takes into account significant reductions in income to the States and balances the budget by making savings across the board," said Mr Dent. "So it is important to note that, on current assumptions, we can balance the budget."

Alderney will also seek to access funds from the emergency financing packages recently approved by the States of Guernsey as they apply to the whole Bailiwick.
Meanwhile the Finance Committee and the Committee for Tourism and Economic Development have agreed to work together on a recovery strategy and held their first joint meeting on Monday May 11.

Mr Dent added: "The recovery plan will need to help to build our economy and community again once we know how and when the danger of the virus will begin to pass."