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Press Release - Covid - Phase 3 - 15.05.2020

Bailiwick moves into Phase 3 of coronavirus exit strategy

A number of restrictions imposed in the Covid-19 crisis have been lifted early as the Bailiwick moves into Phase Three of the 'exit strategy'.

But the advice remains to remain vigilant by maintaining social distancing and staying at home or in your social 'bubble' and only go out for exercise, work if unable to work from home, and to shop singly for essential supplies.

From tomorrow (May 16th) a number of restrictions have been lifted and the following will be permitted:

  • More non-essential businesses will be able to resume. This includes some limited non-essential retail activity for a limited range of goods to determine the impact of this on the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community, before permitting wider opening of retail outlets at a later stage.
  • Hotels, restaurants and bars will remain closed, but takeaway food services will be able to open for a collection and delivery service, subject to controls.
  •  Options for extending our social connectivity through a measured expansion of the household bubble initiative are included in this phase. Up to four households may 'bubble together' in total. This may be formed by the joining of two 'bubbles' both of which comprise two households that have already formed a bubble, or by the addition of one or two single household bubbles with a two-household bubble. Existing bubbles cannot 'split' and re-form with different households.
  •  For the time being, the four-hour limit on recreation time remains.
  • Places of worship will open for individuals to pray by themselves, subject to maintaining social distancing. Congregation services are not allowed.

Border restrictions remain in place. Due to the ongoing prevalence of the virus in neighbouring jurisdictions, there is a legal requirement for anyone returning from outside of the Bailiwick to self-isolate for 14 days. Spot checks will be carried out on those returning to the island to ensure compliance with compulsory self-isolation.

In education, primary school students will be able to attend school on two days each week while distance learning will remain in place for other students. Full details are in the attached media release.

Phase Three has been entered early because there have been no new cases of infection diagnosed in the Guernsey for 14 days and there is no evidence of individual or clusters of individuals with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 which currently pose a risk for on-going community transmission.

Alderney currently has no cases.

Full details of what is permitted under Phase Three are available at