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Press Release - Covid - Recovery Revive & Thrive Plan 12.06.2020

Alderney to play its part in Bailiwick 'Revive and Thrive' plan

Alderney's senior politician has pledged the Island's "constructive collaboration" with Guernsey as an ambitious Bailiwick "Revive and Thrive" recovery strategy was unveiled.

The strategy aims for full economic recovery in the next three years and provides a framework to develop plans for a sustainable economy and improved health and social care while addressing community and environmental issues.

Although Alderney will have its own recovery plan, this will centre on constructive and collaborative work with Guernsey, said James Dent, Chairman of Alderney's Policy & Finance Committee, at the full States of Alderney meeting on June 10.

Elements that will emerge following dialogue with Guernsey include:

  • Ensuring air and sea links support Alderney business and community needs
  • Investment in the Island's infrastructure
  • Making the most of the digital economy

An important challenge that Alderney needs to address in the recovery programme is its population demographic. "The proportion of the population that is of working age needs to grow," said Mr Dent. "We need to attract more people who can make a contribution to the economy through their skill and enterprise."

A key part of this will be helping the hard-hit visitor economy and promoting the many cultural, social, ecological and historical attractions the Island has to offer.

"This is a recovery which needs to be about the economy but also about our community and it future health and resilience," he added. "We will need to take into account how we can strengthen our Island as part of our future priorities."

This approach will dovetail with the Bailiwick-wide strategy, he said, with Alderney making its voice heard in parallel with Guernsey's timelines.