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Press Release - 2020 Elections 29.06.2020

Dates confirmed for Alderney elections

Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee has approved a timetable for this year's elections.

Alderney will go to the polls to fill the five Member vacancies - half of the full States complement - on Saturday November 28, 2020. The Island Hall will be open for nominations from November 11 to 18.

The Plebiscite to nominate the two Members who represent Alderney at Guernsey's States of Deliberation will be held on Saturday December 12.

The date for the Presidential election is November 14 with nominations closing on November 4.

The Committee also considered a draft Ordinance that would widen the right to a postal vote to anyone on the electoral register. This would bring Alderney's rules into line with those in Guernsey.

In addition to proposing election dates, the Committee also:

  •  Asked law officers to draw up contingency legislation for elections in the event of emergencies: the Committee wants the island to be prepared for the possibility of a further lockdown caused by an outbreak of coronavirus. The legislation would cater for two possibilities - the election being deferred or a full postal ballot.
  •  Approved a draft amendment to the Government of Alderney Law: this would provide, during crises, a permanent basis for use of some of the emergency procedures which were needed during the coronavirus pandemic - these include remote participation in meetings, proxy voting and the opportunity for written comments rather than a People's Meeting.

It is hoped that this latter legislation would be considered by the full States in September and could receive rapid Privy Council approval.