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Press Release - Covid - Revive & Thrive Plan 29.06.2020

Alderney Members see a 'new relationship' with Guernsey in Revive & Thrive plan

Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee has discussed and welcomed the publication by Guernsey of 'Revive and Thrive', a Recovery Plan for the Bailiwick.

The Committee sees this as the first step in a wider partnership exercise to recover Bailiwick-wide economic prosperity following the coronavirus crisis.

This first document sets out the mechanisms for assembling a Recovery Plan - in short, its goal is to "build on our inclusive community values and to capitalise on our many strengths to make (the Bailiwick of) Guernsey a safe haven based on sustaining health, wealth and the community".

It was noted there are three elements envisaged for action within the wider goal:

  •  A sustainable Bailiwick economy
  •  Health and social care
  •  Community and the environment

The Committee was particularly pleased to note these will be supported by fiscal measures, funding and investment strategies over a three-year period.

As well as indicating their support for the Plan, the Committee took the following action:

  • Requesting Alderney's officers and senior politicians to collaborate as much as possible with Guernsey's officers and politicians
  • Asking the two Alderney Representatives at the States of Deliberation to ensure that Alderney's interests are properly represented in any Guernsey debates so that they can be fully integrated into the wider Recovery Plan
  • Mandating Alderney's own Committee for Economic Development to bring forward recommendations for further consideration so that the island's priorities could be seamlessly and appropriately incorporated into the wider Bailiwick Plan.

Policy and Finance Committee Chairman James Dent said: "This document, and the work that follows on, creates the opportunity for Alderney to work closely with those charged with economic planning in Guernsey. It is my hope that this could be the start of a new relationship that might continue long beyond the current coronavirus epidemic and which will be mutually beneficial to both islands."

Speaking on behalf of Alderney's Committee for Tourism & Economic Development, its Chairman David Earl said: "This is a tremendous opportunity for Alderney to demonstrate its economic potential. What's so exciting about the 'Revive and Thrive' strategy is that it has at its core the ambition not just of restoring the majority of economic activity in 2021, but also promoting sufficient economic growth to exceed the previous growth path for the economy within three years."

The full "Revive and Thrive" document is available on the Government of Guernsey website,