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Press Release - Draft Energy Policy 03.07.2020

Alderney reconnects its draft Energy Policy

Alderney's draft Energy Policy is to be updated following public comment earlier this year.

The Policy & Finance Committee has passed public comments to a reconstituted Energy Action Group comprising Members Kevin Gentle, Alex Snowdon and Louis Jean and invited Alderney Electricity Ltd MD James Lancaster and engineer Dr Laurence Page to help finalise the document.

The Policy was due to be completed in the spring but was delayed during the pandemic lockdown period.

It will set out the key issues and options for Alderney in relation to the supply, use and development of energy for the Island.

Energy policy will play an essential role in Alderney's economic recovery by meeting future challenges and ensuring the environmental and economic attractiveness of the Island.

While Alderney may be able to benefit in the short to medium term from smaller scale renewable energy developments, the potential for large-scale tidal renewable energy remains strategically important and has the potential to provide a significant income stream in the future.