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  • Press Release - Travel - Alderney's Position 05.08.20

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Press Release - Travel - Alderney's Position 05.08.20

New Bailiwick Self-Isolation Rules - Alderney's Position

Alderney is delaying joining the new Bailiwick relaxations on travel that will come into effect on 17th August.

The rules, announced by the Civil Contingency Authority (CCA) yesterday (5th August), will centre on an option to "self-isolate for 7-days, then take a test for SARS-CoV-2 - with release into passive follow-up on receipt of a negative result".

James Dent, Alderney's representative on the CCA, said:

"Our decision to delay taking immediate part was made carefully. It followed:

  • consultation with our medical professionals;
  • considerations of local operational capacity; and
  • local political dialogue.

"The most important reason for our decision was the immediate logistical and medical resource difficulties specific to Alderney that the new rules would have required. Our medical professionals considered that, after balancing risk, it was best to continue with the present policy until at least the end of August.

"We have, additionally, taken into account the large number of Alderney Week and Summer visitors currently on the island and our large number of vulnerable residents.

"At the end of August, we will have the opportunity to reconsider.

"We will then take into account:

  • the availability of additional and new logistical and medical resources (a largely manual system is being replaced by a computerised system);
  • on-island operational capacities; and
  • the success (or otherwise) of the new rules in Guernsey.

"We will also take into account the situation in the UK and our other neighbours. We note that the situation in the UK is not improving as originally hoped.

"Alderney's community spirit is strong and we are committed to keeping our whole community safe - and that of our Bailiwick visitors. For this reason, we are seeking guidelines from the Tactical Coordinating Groups in order that visitors from outside the Bailiwick do not exploit loopholes. For example, persons who have entered the Bailiwick from the UK and opted for the 7-days self-isolation rule and remained in Guernsey for those seven days will only be allowed to travel on to Alderney if they are prepared to continue their isolation in Alderney for the full original 14 days".