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Press Release - Covid - Phase 5c 17.09.2020

Alderney and Phase 5c lockdown exit

Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee has indicated Alderney should follow Guernsey's lead on Phase 5c exit from Covid-19 lockdown. This is provided the island's medical, border and police authorities confirm they are equipped to safely manage the transition.

No date has been set for the transition to Phase 5c, which will allow testing on arrival in the Bailiwick for passengers from Group B countries and a release into passive surveillance for those testing negative. A further confirmatory test would be undertaken after Day 7.

On September 16, Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee resolved unanimously that it is "minded to follow Guernsey's lead" but is cautious in view of the island's limited resources.

Although Alderney delayed joining Phase 5b when its agencies could not commit to ensuring public safety and continued with 14-day isolation for arrivals until September 3, it is likely that the island will be in a position to move into 5c at the same time as Guernsey.

When it comes, Phase 5c will see the continued categorisation of Group A, B and C countries with a test on arrival for travellers from Group B countries and self-isolation until the result is known - typically between 24 and 48 hours - thereafter passengers would be released into passive surveillance. A second test on Day Seven, which if negative, would be followed by continued passive surveillance until Day 14.

Although much of southern England is included in Group B, the North and Midlands of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are currently classified as Group A, requiring 14-day self-isolation.

Travellers from Group C 'air bridge' countries, currently only the Isle of Man, are exempt from testing and self-isolation.

Requirements for people travelling to and from the Bailiwick can be found at and up-to-date details of Group A, B and C countries and regions, including restricted regions in the UK, can be found at