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Public Release - Integrated Transport Strategy 29.09.2020

Alderney sets its sights on transport to Revive & Thrive

Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee (P&F) has considered a first draft of an Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS). The intention is that this should become a blueprint for air and sea connectivity and would be one of the engines for post-Covid economic recovery.

It is hoped the Strategy will feature as part of the wider Bailiwick's Revive & Thrive initiative. Although still in its early stages, it will map out a range of actions that may be achieved by working closely with Guernsey.

The ultimate ITS goal is buy-in by Guernsey's important Committees - their Policy & Resources Committee, Committee for Economic Development, the States Trading Supervisory Board and, of course, States-owned and supported transport operators.

Following an opportunity for further comment by States of Alderney Members, it is intended that a revised draft will be available in time for the October P&F meeting. If approved, there would be a wider consultation with stakeholders and islanders.

"An enormous amount of work has already been put into the initial draft," said James Dent, Chairman of P&F. "Much work still remains," he added. "It will be absolutely vital that we work closely with Guernsey for the common purpose - and that this needs to be a document that can be accepted by all."

Exploring new technologies

As part of its Integrated Transport Strategy, the Committee is also committed to liaising with the authorities in Guernsey to take advantage of any technical/green advances in transport - specifically in aviation and shipping. It will be important to explore how improved services might be matched with overall budgets.

With this in mind, P&F has expressed its support for a meeting proposed and organised by Green Air, promoters of electric aviation. The meeting would bring together Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee, Green Air and Aurigny. P&F has confirmed that representatives from the States of Alderney will also be pleased to participate. It is hoped that representatives from the States of Jersey would also be available.