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Press Release - Marina 08.10.2020

Proposed Marina

A period of 18 months' exclusivity has been offered to Braye Harbour Developments to progress plans for a 250-berth marina at the eastern end of Braye Bay.

The terms of a letter sent by the States of Alderney Chief Executive's Office to Mr Gordon Owen offer a period for Braye Harbour Developments to draft plans that meet the Island's economic and operational objectives for the project.

The States wishes to work in partnership with the developers to see a marina built that will attract visitors and investors as well as create jobs on the island, in line with the Building & Development Control Law and the Land Use Plan.

The developers have indicated that the project will be funded primarily by the building of a limited number of residential properties with moorings that are expected to attract high net worth boat-owners to the island.

The costs to the States of Alderney at this stage, in addition to the time spent by civil servants, will be small and limited to the engagement of a project manager and a specialist planning firm for advice and input.