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Press Release - Crane Statement

Harbour Crane

The harbour crane, which is due to be replaced this winter, has recently suffered numerous electrical faults.

Alderney Shipping, which was re-scheduled to arrive today (October 22), has returned to Poole.

A team of electricians has been working with a UK crane specialist to identify the exact fault. It was first thought that the fault was an electrical cable going to the angle sensor. The part was quickly ordered and arrived yesterday (October 21). On fitting the part an error code came up on the crane, indicating that the problem was more serious than first anticipated. 

The engineers have ordered the additional parts needed and it is hoped that this will rectify the problem. There is, however, a risk that there may be more issues found and until the part is fitted and tested, we will not know. 

The crane is due to be replaced this winter, as it is at its 'end of life'. The harbour team is working hard to keep the crane functioning until the replacement arrives, being mindful that there are still COVID restrictions that may affect the delivery date.

Please rest assured that the States of Alderney and harbour staff are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Harbour Crane