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Press Release - Harbour Crane Fixed

The Harbour Office is delighted to advise that the Crane has been fixed and is ready for use.

A special note of thanks goes to Alex Osborne and Derek Oakman from Alderney Electricity Ltd who were instrumental in the electrical fix and their assistance with the on-call Dutch Engineers and the Harbour Office.

Efforts have been focused on resolving this issue around the clock for the past few days and thankfully an on island workable solution was identified and has been successfully implemented.

Plans are being worked on to mitigate the risk of any further down-time of the crane whilst we await the imminent arrival of the new crane.

The Harbour Office is also working with Channel Seaways to bring the island's service back to normal as soon as possible as well as future backup options.

Captain John Taylor, Harbour Master said 'we would like to thank all those involved with this on island and speedy resolution. Also to the island's business and residents for their patience, co-operation and understanding during this anxious and demanding period.