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Press Release - Alderney travel self isolation introduced

25/01/2021 21:39:31

States acts quickly to increase Community protection by introducing a self-isolation requirement for people travelling to Alderney from Guernsey

With the increasing numbers of cases of Covid 19 infection being recorded in Guernsey, the Civil Contingencies Authority (the CCA) has agreed to introduce a legal requirement for travellers from Guernsey to Alderney (and Sark) to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival. 

These restrictions, which apply from midnight on Monday 25th January, are in addition to all of the current lockdown rules that apply equally in all Islands of the Bailiwick and which should be conscientiously followed by all. 

To ensure the Island continues to function safely for all Islanders, travellers who are coming to the Alderney for reasons connected to their essential work (such as medical and care professionals) will be exempted from the self-isolation rule.   Exemptions will also be given on compassionate grounds such as for those returning from medical treatment.  To be clear, the self-isolation rule is for travellers from Guernsey to Alderney, but not in the other direction.

This important addition to the protection of Island residents has been introduced very quickly and the civil service is working as fast as possible to set up a suitable system for exemptions.  In the shortterm we are working with Island services to ensure that there are no hold ups for those arriving in the next few days.   

Your patience and understanding is requested in these difficult circumstances.


Additional Notes

The legal text of the regulation is as published on the States of Guernsey COVID website and can be accessed via this link

Alderney is covered by all of the Bailiwick's COVID regulations and guidance.  These can be viewed by following this link

For consistency, the essential worker and other exemptions that will apply to this control will be closely based on those currently in use by the States of Guernsey in connection with its Essential Travel Permit scheme.   See

This new regulation does not apply to those people who have returned to the island recently, but as stated previously, people are reminded that the risks of transmission are increasing and they are urged to isolate as much as possible, by for example, minimising their trips outside and to shops as part of the community approach to protecting islanders.

The States of Alderney website is being amended to give improved and quick access to COVID 19 information.

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