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Press Release - Housing Task Group 04.10.2021

Housing Task Group mandate opens door for action

A group of five States Members has been mandated to create a new approach to housing provision for Alderney.

Already conducting a housing needs survey, the Members were authorised at last week's Policy & Finance Committee (P&F) to form a Housing Task Group to work with the civil service, the Alderney Housing Association and local businesses to draw up a fresh policy to address the many pressures on Alderney's housing supply.

P&F has identified housing as one of the Island's most pressing concerns - having enough homes of the right types for young families, key professionals, seasonal workers and the elderly and vulnerable.
High on the Task Group's agenda is to define the term 'essential worker' in order to help prioritise housing needs. It is also working with employers and other organisations to identify current housing issues and possible solutions.

The Task Group consists of Kevin Gentle, Chair of the Building and Development Control Committee; Annie Burgess, Chair of the Economic Development Committee; Boyd Kelly, Chair of the General Services Committee; Ian Carter, Deputy Chair of the Policy & Finance Committee; and Rhys Jenkins, who is focusing on ways to help young people to buy their first home on the Island.

Mr Jenkins said the goal was to get the job done as swiftly as possible and not allow the issues to drag on indefinitely. "I am very happy the group has been formalised so now we can crack on and get some work done that will help to counter the ever-increasing housing troubles faced by many different groups of people on the Island," he said.